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Collection of information:

We many collect your following information:

  1. Name of person or company
  2. Full commutation Address including e-mail address
  3. Other relevant information regarding customer surveys

We collect such information to understand client's needs to provide them better services and for our internal record keeping.


Full payment for the work done will be appreciated no more them 3(three) days after delivery in case of new client(s).Weekly, monthly payment for regular customers. Payment many be made through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Bank Transfer and Pioneer.


Clients satisfaction is our concern. We always try our level best to provide the customers outstanding products. In any case if the service is not up to the mark as per clients need, we make reasonable correction until the customer is satisfied. But we reserve the right not to make any amendment if the error is for misinformation or communication on the part of the customer. Free Trial: For free trial you need to register with www.imagetrim.com. Free trials up to three images of all formats are allowed. We reserve the right to refuse any trial work.

Use of your Image

We the right to publish any free trial image(s) in our website as sample for promotional purposes without permission from the clients. Of Course the client will be at large to stop such publication by sending on email to www.imagetrim.com. We may also request the client for their permission. Agreement to that request world is at the discretion of the client. Website disclaimer: The information contained in the website www.Imagetrim.com is only for general information purposes. We will try to keep the information up-to-date and correct. As such we worse not give any guarantee about the accuracy reliability or availability, completeness, etc. of the information or the website. Hence your reliance on the information world be purely at your own risk. www.imagetrim.com not be liable for any loss or damage direct or indirect, arising not of loss of date or use of this website.

e website begin temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

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