We have successfully clipped over 50000+ images so far. With this huge experince, we are sure to take any challanges. We were able to learn from mistakes and have become highly qualified clipping image service provider.

Filter samples with one or more services

  • Clipping Path
  • Background Remove
  • Image Masking
  • Drop Shadow
  • Neck Joint
  • Photo retouching
  • Photo restoration
  • color correction
  • e-commerce solution

Clipping Path Services


Our clipping path service can be classified into 4 categories. Beside these, we also cover other types of clipping path but these are our strongest sides.

Clipping Path

This includes removing simple backgrounds like curtain, smooth backgrounds and so on. These type is needed by almost all kinds of customers. It takes less time and can be deliver fast.

Clipping path service
Clipping path service

Clipping Path

Complex clipping path includes rough background or image with multiple backgrounds. This type requires extra time and highly popular among the photographers as this type involves clipping of hair, fur or image with rough edges.

Super Complex
Clipping Path

This type is required for online stores or e-commerce site owners as they often require to clip product images of bicycle, boxes, dolls, toys and so on. Most of our works are super complex clipping path.

Clipping path service
Clipping path service

Clipping Path

When there are different layers and multiple objects need to be clipped then this method is the way to go. Multiple clipping path is also highly demanded among the online retailers.


If you are an online retailer then we have some extra to offer. Image you have lots of images needed to be worked on, so providing all those images to us, download all those images after the project is completed and then uploading them to your online store is quite time consuming. So let us go through all these trouble! Just provide us the necessary details of your online store and we will upload the processed images right at your store.
We support, iconic shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Costco etc


Our customer managers are always available to give you updates on your project as well as to take feedback from you.

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