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Is your hard copy of photo is ruined? Would you like to store your old photos? Do you to change your black and white photo into colored photo? May be you would like to have the soft copy of those old photos of yours. To solve all these problems, Photo Restoration is the way to go. Imagetrim provides stunning photo restoration service which will bring the joy back to you. We can even take care of the damaged hard copy photos and make it look even better with the magical touch of our expert editors.

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Photo Restoration Services


Imagetrim offers expert touch to restore your image. Some of our photo restoration services are

Repair Ripped/Torn/
Damaged Photos

Our Starting Price US$ : 0.00

Its quite normal to have torn or ripped image. Let not that ruin your precious photo as it can be easily fixed by our experts.

Repair Ripped/Torn/ Damaged Photos
Enhance Old Photograph

Enhance Old

Our Starting Price US$ : 0.00

Old photographs certainly lack several important things to make a photo look great. However, we have those editing abilities to enhance and make it look stunning.

Convert Black & White
Image to Color Image

Our Starting Price US$ : 0.00

Digital camera with colored image has been discovered in the recent past. The best part is, all those old images can be colorized. We bring more color to your precious photos.

Convert Black & White Image to Color Image
Restore Faded Photograph

Restore Faded

Our Starting Price US$ : 0.00

Often photographs get faded for staying in album for a long time. This can be fixed by our experts and provide you the best of your photos.

How We Work

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Get your Digital Copy Right Now!


Those precious photos of yours can now be converted into digital copy with the touch of our experts. Its very rare or merely impossible to get soft copy of your old photos. Often you need to share them with your family and friends. In that case, you can just make a digital copy of it and send to everyone. You can create hundreds of copies easily. Therefore, do not worry about the hard copy photo you have. You can just let us create a digital copy and not worry about it being torn/ripped or faded.

We Don’t Differentiate!


Are you an individual or may be a studio owner? We offer same quality service at same flat rate in our Photo Restoration Services. However, we have divided our image restoration services into several categories.

Individual image


We value each of our clients. So if you are an individual and looking for small work we have the best plan for you.  To restore images, we don’t differentiate weather the image is simple, complex or very complicated as our price is same. Furthermore, if you have less than 100 photos you can use our self-service portal.
Individual image


So you are a studio owner, photo restoration is what you need to do on daily basis. We have special corner for you. We have set attractive price plans to make sure you gain enough profit by letting us handle your restoration service.

Great Experience, great Outcome!


We are vastly experienced. Imagetrim has 150 experienced graphic designers who have been working in the local market for past 6 years and 2 years in the international market. This experience has enabled us to anticipate the timing of projects perfectly and this is the key for us to deliver your project right on time. We are so confident with our service that, we will provide a guarantee that means if you are not happy with the quality of our image restoration, we will redo them all until you give a thumbs up!

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Our Tools, Our Strength

We use Windows and Mac Devices (Macbook pro, iMac, iMac pro etc.) along with premium editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Lightroom to complete our projects.


Mac Book Pro




iMac Pro


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Lightroom


Imagetrim has the capacity to process of 1000 simple images, 500 medium images and 250 complex images. Our regular delivery time is 24hours. If you have bulk amount of images then contact us and we will send you a free quote within 10 minutes.


Basic Images


Complex Images


Super Complex Images

We are the fastest in delivery!

Delivery image

Not only we have mighty tools to remove backgrounds but also we have the fastest delivery. How?

We work for 24/7: As a result, you pay for 8hours but you get work for 24hours a day for 30days a month.

150 editors working in 3 shifts for 8 hours daily

Regular delivery time is 24hours. For bulk images delivery time is decided upon discussion.

Why Choose Us?


Reasons for choosing us :

Delivery right on time

We have huge image editing capacity upto 7500 images per day

Highly trained and experienced photo editors

Premium tools are used like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom.

Works are done exactly as per instructions

Rework due to misunderstanding for free

24/7 customer service

100% manual process to edit images.

Flat rate for simple, medium or complex image.

Secured Payment Method

Have a look at some of our Recent Works

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We Support All Formats

We support all kinds of format like jpg, png, tif, raw and any other formats you may have. You can upload all these formats and also get the output in any formats you need.

Image Formating
Image Formating

How Do You Send Your Images?


Talking about images, how do you send your images? We are not choosy at all. You can send us images using :

Image sending options


Image sending options

We Transfer

Image sending options


Image sending options


Self-service software

Imagetrim has created a powerful tools where you can upload your images, get it done and download it very easily. All you need to do is to register for our self-service software and upload your images with instructions and filling up the requirement form. You can download your project from the same place by logging in. We keep your project in our system for 30 days and the billing information for a whole year!

Try our service for free, we won’t disappoint!

If you are still not convinced, you can try our free trial. That's right; we offer one single free trial for our new customers. Just click on free trial and you will be redirected to our self-service portal where you get to upload an image and get it done within the next 24 hours to check our service quality.

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Our Pricing


Our pricing varies from person to person, from category to category and for different quantity. As shown above, the prices vary for different types of clipping path services. The reason for this variance in due to difficulties, required format, quality of image and such factors. Have a look at our main pricing below,


As you already know, we have flat rate of $10 for each images not matter how complex the image is. So for an individual, don’t worry about the quantity, just pay as you go at a flat rate of $10 and be a fan of our work.

Garments Factory Owners

Lets have some statistical facts. In the USA, if you hire a graphic designer, an average salary would be $3000 or more. With this $3000, you get work of 8hours a day for 24-26 days a month which gives you a maximum of 208 hours a month. But in our corporate plan, we offer a full 30 days with work of 24 hours a day which gives you 24*30= 720 hours at a flat price of $2000. That’s right, when we say 24/7 we provide 24/7 work for you!

Online Retailers

We have discount on bulk images. For 1000 images price is $6000, for 3000 images price is $9600 and for 5000 and above images click contact us directly.


If you are an online retailer then we have some extra to offer. Image you have lots of images needed to be worked on, so providing all those images to us, download all those images after the project is completed and then uploading them to your online store is quite time consuming. So let us go through all these troubles! Just provide us the necessary details of your online store and we will upload the processed images right at your store.
We support, iconic shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Costco etc


Our customer managers are always available to give you updates on your project as well as to take feedback from you.

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If you don't find a suitable price plan or require a customized price plan for your project do not hesitate to ask for a free quote. We will get back to you within 10 minutes. Now that's fast response, don't you think?


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