Neck Joint Service

Neck joint is a technique by which we can add up the neck part of an image to a photo for its new look. It is a very ingenious photo manipulation service for garments product. It is commonly known as ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin service. Ghost mannequin services are usually used by catalog sites and E-Commerce based websites which have a large amount of clothing products. Neck joint or ghost mannequin is mostly used on the garment like the sweaters, T-shirt, shirt and varied types of clothes, having connected neck. sophisticated art to be performed by skillful designers for neck joint service.

Our professional image editing team can do it for you with almost 100% consistency and accuracy of design, shape and color. Please send your request to us and be rest assured for a quality services. We operate 24/7 basis so that you get the service anytime. our charges also reasonable.

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